Making a Wish

We received Marshall’s travel package Monday night for his Make-a-Wish trip to play on the beach with Gramma and Grandpa.  We are set to fly out of Pittsburgh Monday afternoon and arrive in Orlando just 2 hours later! Make-a-Wish has equipped us with everything we need for a week full of fun! They gave us 6 free passes to Lego Land and all of our travel and food expenses and money for Marshall to shop at the famous Ron Jon Surf Shop on Cocoa Beach.  With all the arrangements in place i.e, Wyatt’s pre-approved absence from school, dog boarding, Gramma Marsha’s respite care for her foster lady, and of course Big Daddy Joe’s long anticipated paid vacation we are suuuuupeer excited to get on our way.  

Only yesterday after confirming the flight plans with Marshall’s cardiologist did I discover he is required to wear oxygen while in flight.  As an airplane cabin is pressurized to 8000 ft.  So now I begin the rushed and frantic search for a way to have a Portable Oxygen Concentrator available for him to use.  Making calls at 10:30 last night to Southwest Airlines to notify them of our “special needs”.  7:30 am calling Oxygen2Go in Wyoming (so this gentleman is working at 5:30am) to get all the details about cost and equipment.  Let’s hope my call to Make-a-Wish this morning will be fruitful as the cost to rent this handy piece of equipment will be somewhere in the $600-$700 range for the week.  

My first experience traveling by plane with a Fontan patient has already proved to be extraordinary! But, all this will be a faded memory when I see that million dollar smile on Marshall’s face as he builds his sand castles and collects seashells, and rolls in the sand of Coca Beach at night.  

Though he has an interesting way of showing his excitement….

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One Response to Making a Wish

  1. beamingtoyou says:

    What an amazing experience awaiting you all!! Great way to hustle on the O2 machine… It will all work out okay, and you guys are gonna have the time of your lives!!! ;D ❤ xoxo

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